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Geburtsvorbereitung Englisch
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Geburtsvorbereitung Englisch
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Geburtsvorbereitung Englisch
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Geburtsvorbereitung Englisch
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Hygiene concept for classroom courses

1. Negative test:

You are required to bring a current (not older than 24 hours), verified Corona negative test, carried out in a test center. It is not possible to carry out rapid tests on site. When entering the course room, the result of the test is checked. If you are fully vaccinated or have recovered, this does not apply to you. Please show the required document when you enter.

2. Access to the premises

In order to minimize the contact between the course participants and the associated likelihood of infection, enter individually or per couple and pay attention to the minimum distance of 1.5 m. The participants answer the relevant health questions. Download You can only attend the event if you are completely healthy, have no cold symptoms and have not recently been to risk areas.

3. Jackets and coats

Please take jackets and coats to your seat. The cloakroom in front of or in the course room may only be used as long as it is guaranteed that your clothes do not touch those of other course participants unless they are part of your household.

4. Break regulation

Please keep the minimum distance of 1.5 m during breaks. To prevent the risk of infection, a mask required during breaktime. Drinks and snacks may not be served, please bring them along. Water bottles can be refilled at the tap. The distance rule does not apply to two people from the same household (partner courses).

5. Use of the sanitary area

The sanitary rooms may only be visited individually. Please follow the instructions of the course management. To dry your hands, use either the paper towels provided or the hand towel you have brought with you.

6. Use of FPP 2 masks

The Robert Koch Institute recommends wearing a mouth and nose cover while maintaining a minimum distance (at least 1.5 meters) to other people in combination with observing coughing and sneezing rules and good hand hygiene. Times during the course at which it is necessary to wear the mask will be announced by the courseleader, depending on the course format and the duration of the course. It is absolutely necessary to wear the masks during (breathing) exercises with increased aerosol emissions. It is mandatory to wear a mask when entering the course room. The course instructor will inform you at which times during the course the masks must be worn.

7. Hand hygiene, sneezing and coughing

Each participant cleans this hands before entering the classroom. At the beginning of the course, we will inform you of the sneeze and cough rules.

8. Ventilation of the course rooms

Course rooms, including break rooms and sanitary rooms, must be adequately ventilated - even in bad weather. This reduces any risk of infection. Please ensure appropriate clothing during ventilation.

9. To bring along

Please remember to bring the following with you to meet the hygiene standard:
  • a large sheet (to completely cover the exercise mat 180 x 100
  • cm) A hand towel to cover the seat or the exercise ball**
  • one small or medium-sized pillow per participant **
  • one water bottle per participant or enough other drinks (you are welcome to help yourself at our tap to refill)
  • Snacks / meals for the breaks (for longer courses) **
  • One  mask per participant
  • One pen (pen) per participant or pair

     ** this does not apply to office hours


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