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Geburtsvorbereitung Englisch
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Geburtsvorbereitung Englisch
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Geburtsvorbereitung Englisch
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Midwifery Practices and Family Centers in Berlin

Our locations are in Berlin-Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, Marzahn, Friedrichshain, and Lichtenberg/Karlshorst.

In a rapidly changing world we always have to learn new things. This is true not only at our jobs, but even in our private lives.

We would like to offer our support during this important time of starting a family. We offer birth preparation, postnatal exercises, PEKiP and many other interesting programs for young families. Let us help you achieve your dreams for family-life and find long-term enjoyment in your relationships with your partner and children.

We have to offer much more than midwife services: Check out our wide spectrum of courses and consultation programs on partnership and parenting.

Invest into your family and benefit from our various programs designed to enhance your family life!

Some of our staff are English-speaking and offer midwife care and courses in English or English/German (English programs are marked below with an *).

Overview over Our Postnatal Program

Consultation and Information

Fitness for Moms

  • Postnatal Exercise Class
    beginning 6 weeks after a normal birth or 10 weeks after a caesarian. In order for your health insurance to cover the cost of this class, you must attend before your baby turns 9 months old.
  • Pelvic Floor Training
    in the evening without your child. This class is for everyone who wants to continue exercising together after the postnatal exercise class ends.
  • Abs, Legs and Bums
    for a great figure after you have completed the postnatal exercise class. You can begin attending 16 weeks after the birth.

Parent-Child Classes


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