Hush, Little Baby

Hush, Little Baby

Newborns are too young to tell the difference between day and night. They are often alert and want to be entertained at times when the parents are too tired to keep their eyes open. In addition, babies often have a hard time falling asleep and may cry for long periods of time before finally settling down. Many infants fall asleep while they are being carried or while breastfeeding but begin crying as soon as they are laid in their beds.

  • How does a baby learn the difference between day and night?
  • How can parents help their tired and crying baby fall asleep?
  • How does a baby learn to sleep in its own bed?
  • How can I tell why my child is crying at night?
  • When can I expect my baby to begin sleeping through the night?

We will spend time helping you answer these kinds of questions as well as giving you practical tips and strategies to help your child sleep well during their first six months. Please bring your baby with you. For this particular group your child should not be older than five months.

Please write an e-mail or call us, if you need consultation in English. We will try to make an appointment just for your family and the midwife.

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