Fitness for Moms

Fitness for Moms

You can bring your child with you to all of the morning and afternoon courses. Courses designed for mothers to attend without their children are usually offered at most of our locations in the evenings.

  • Postnatal Exercise Class*
    beginning 6 weeks after a normal birth or 10 weeks after a caesarian.
    In order for your health insurance to cover the cost of this class, you must attend before your baby turns 9 months old.
    We offer the following types of classes:
    - Postnatal exercise class with your child
    - Postnatal exercise class without your child
  • Pelvic Floor Training
    in the evening without your child.
    This class is for everyone who wants to continue exercising together after the postnatal exercise class ends.
  • Abs, Legs and Bums for Mums
    for a great figure after you have completed the postnatal exercise class. You can begin attending 16 weeks after the birth. Classes are offered for you to attend with or without your child.

Postnatal exercise classes are offered in Berlin-Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Marzahn, Hohenschönhausen and Lichtenberg/Karlshorst.


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