Postnatal Exercise Class<br/>Engl./Ger.

Postnatal Exercise Class

Unfortunately we can not offer English classes at the moment.

  • Are you part of the growing community of international families living in Berlin and in the process of learning German?
  • Are you raising your children bilingually and looking for opportunities outside of the home to foster your family’s German and English?
  • Are you German but have perhaps lived extensively abroad and want an opportunity to continue conversing in English?

Then this course offering through FOKUS LEBEN at the Familienzentrum in Prenzlauer Berg (Boetzowstr. 39) is right for you!

Getting your muscles back into shape after childbirth is a must—so if you’re going to be exercising anyway, why not have fun practicing a second language at the same time?! Martina Parrish, the course leader, wants to support English speaking mums as they get settled into Berlin, while at the same time providing an environment where both German and English speakers benefit. She will alternatively explain each exercise in German or in English. At the end of each session there will be an opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea and interact with the other participants.

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