Postnatal Exercise Classes

Postnatal Exercise Classes

A postnatal exercise class helps women get their muscles back in shape after childbirth. These exercises help strengthen the stomach muscles and pelvic floor after the stretching that occurs during pregnancy and childbirth. The strengthening of these muscles through specially designed exercises also helps prevent some of the problems that women often experience later in life. Shoulder exercises and massages help to relax those whose necks are tense due to the strain of breastfeeding and carrying their babies.

Music helps us to really get in to the swing of things.

At the same time valuable tips for mothers are also shared. Babies can be there the entire time. As needed they can be picked up, soothed or nursed. Anyone with a good babysitter can also attend the class without their child. If you would like to attend an evening postnatal exercise class without your child, please click here.

At the end of the class you can enjoy a cup of tea and the opportunity to talk with the other moms.

These classes are held in german language. We think this could be an excellent opportunity to meet with german moms and improve your german language skills.

Course dates

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13:00-14:30 Uhr
6 x Do/Di
mit Baby
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