Postpartum Care

in Berlin in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Weißensee, Hohenschönhausen, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Lichtenberg, Friedrichshain, Schöneweide, Karlshorst and Köpenick.

The first few weeks after the birth of your child are a time of change and of reorientation.

In order for you to receive the postpartum care that you need, you can have a midwife visit you in your home after you are released from the hospital.

A midwife is also a competent specialist in the event of a Caesarean section or premature birth. Do you want to stay the least amount of time as possible in the hospital? Then you should consider using a Birthing Center. If you want to go this route, it is particularly important for you to consult your midwife.

The job of the midwife during postpartum care includes the following:

  • Tending to your newborn’s navel
  • Keeping a check on the uterus as it returns to it’s former shape
  • Tending to perineal stitches
  • Giving initial instructions on exercises for getting back into shape after the birth
  • Assisting with questions related to breastfeeding
  • Answering all of your questions about the care of your newborn

The cost for these important postpartum midwife services is covered by state health insurance.

We would be more than happy to put you in touch with one of our midwives for an initial non-binding visit. Please apply here.


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