Baby Driver´s License Engl./Ger.

Baby Driver´s License Engl./Ger.

Unfortunately we can not offer English classes at the moment.

This course is for parents-to-be who want to get well prepared for caring for their newborn. The Baby Driver’s License was developed by our most experienced midwives at FOKUS-LEBEN to make their know-how from more than 30 years of professional practice available to you.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  •  How do I hold and carry my baby safely?
    (Hands-on exercises with training dolls)
  • What are a newborn’s needs?
  • How can I recognize my child’s various needs and respond to them adequately?
  • How can I comfort a crying baby? 
  • How does my child learn to go to sleep?
  • Which baby care products to I really need?
  • What is “swaddling”? How and when does it help?

The Baby Driver’s License provides you with well-balanced strategies of infant care and will make you feel confident in your new responsibilities as parents. If only English speakers are attending, the course may be held completely in English.

We recommend taking the Baby Driver’s License in conjunction with a Crash-Course Birth Preparation Engl./Ger. Then the cost for both courses is covered by your German insurance provider. Your partner pays 45 Euro for the birth preparation course, and 18 Euro for the Baby Driver's License. If you book both courses on the same day, we will give you a 4 Euro discount.


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