Midwife Care in Berlin

Midwife Care in Berlin

What is midwife care?

It is common knowledge that midwives are the specialists in obstetrics in hospitals, birthing centers or home births.

In Germany you have the oportunity to contact in early pragnancy a midwife to help you with all questions concerning pregnancy. She helps you with breastfeeding and baby care, checks up on you and your baby and offers her experience to give you a great start with your newborn. In Germany the Statutory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) and most private insurance companies cover these costs. (Please inquire with your private insurance company beforehand.) Midwife services can be offered at your home or at the office of the midwife.

A midwife is available to provide you with the following services through our home visits:

  • Pregnancy consultation
  • Prenatal care
  • Home visits after the birth (postpartum care)
  • Breastfeeding consultation

In postpartum care a midwife can visit you once a day during the first 10 days after delivery (twice a day in case of severe difficulties).

After that until 8 weeks after delivery, you are entitled to further midwife care, though no longer daily. Visits by a midwife over and above the statutory number have to be prescribed by a doctor.

Even after 8 weeks your health insurance covers the cost of consultations by your midwife in case of problems with your child's nutrition (personally or over the phone, max. 6 times each). This applies through the end of the 9th month of life.

In addition to these services our midwives offer courses at our various locations (i.e. Birth preparation courses, Postnatal exercise courses, Baby Massage courses).

Please contact a midwife very early in your pregnancy.

Usually the first visit of a midwive is non-binding. After the initial visit you can book a midwife to provide continued care.

Who covers the cost?

Midwife services are covered in Germany by the state health insurance and are provided at no cost to you. Most private insurance providers also cover the cost of midwife services. The midwife normally cares for you in your own home. If you are privately insured, please ask you insurance company about coverage for midwife care.

At the moment we do not privide contact to one of our midwifes. Please use one of these platform to contact a midwife:


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