What are midwife services?

What are midwife services?

A midwife helps you with all questions concerning pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby care, checks up on you and your baby and offers her experience to give you a great start with your newborn.

We are happy to connect you with one of our midwives for postpartum- and home care. Please contact us early in your pregnancy.

  • In postpartum care a midwife can visit you once a day during the first 10 days after delivery (twice a day in case of severe difficulties).
  • After that until 8 weeks after delivery, you are entitled to further midwife care, though no longer daily. Visits by a midwife over and above the statutory number have to be prescribed by a doctor.
  • Even after 8 weeks your health insurance covers the cost of consultations by your midwife in case of problems with your child's nutrition (personally or over the phone, max. 6 times each). This applies through the end of the 9th month of life.

If you are privately insured, please ask you insurance company about coverage for midwife care.


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