Birth Preparation Courses

Birth Preparation Courses

in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Marzahn, Friedrichshain, Hohenschönhausen and Lichtenberg/Karlshorst.

Are you interested in receiving helpful information before the birth as well as in learning how you can remain as relaxed as possibly during your contractions? Then a birth preparation class can help! Even if your midwife is not a part of our association, you are more than welcome to participate in one our classes at any time.

We offer the following types of courses:

  • Evening Birth Preparation
    Course a class for couples on five evenings with lots of time to practice and comprehensive information
  • Weekend Birth Preparation Course
    a complete course for couples that meets on one Friday evening and the following Saturday
  • Birth Preparation Crash-course
    For couples who don’t really want to take a class, but who at the same time would like to know a few of the basics about breathing techniques as well as receive other helpful information. It’s amazing how much you actually can learn in 4 ½ hours.
  • Crash-Course Engl/Ger.
    for International Moms and Couples
    with Extra-Service: German in labor room
  • Compact Course for First Time Moms
    Refresher Course for Experienced Moms
    2 kinds of courses for women only with lots of time to practice; in addition there’s an evening designed for you and your partner (optional)
  • Supplemental Evening Course for Birth Preparation
    an evening for couples
    designed as a supplement to the courses designed for women only
  • Sibling course
    Getting ready for the new sibling
    For ages 3-6

  • Is your due date almost here?
    Our staff will work hard to find a spot for you in one of our Birth Preparation Courses in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Marzahn, Friedrichshain, Hohenschönhausen or Karlshorst.

    Please call us at: 030 - 29 13 444


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